News and communication for the Brethren


Tuesday Evening, June 13, 2017

Special Communication


7:00 PM          OPENING OF THE LODGE (Third Degree)


7:10 PM          MASTER MASON DEGREE for the benefit of our Brothers:



Note: As with all Masonic meetings, the appropriate dress is jacket and tie for members



Tuesday Evening, June 20, 2017

Regular Communication



                        Receive reports of Treasurer’s & Secretary and various committees

                        Election of Lodge Officers for 2017 - 2018 Masonic Year

                        Report of Nominating Committee recommends:

                        Receive petitions for the Degrees and Affiliation

                        Receive communications and letters

                        Transact other business as may properly come before the Lodge

                        Vote to suspend members owing one year of dues

                        Ballot on Applications and Affiliations and Reinstatements

7:00 PM          DINNER – Lobster Roll, alternative Chicken or Ham Salad Sandwich $15.00

Reservations are necessary by Friday June 16th  

Please call 781-631-8050, to make your reservation or email Bro. Don Balser at


8:00 PM          BUSINESS MEETING continued if necessary



Note: As with all Masonic meetings, the appropriate dress is jacket and tie for members


Greetings Brethren, 


This month we have a special communication before our regular meeting so that one of our newest brothers can be raised to the sublime degree before traveling to Europe.  If you are able to attend the special meeting, you will also see Brothers Dana Lemieux and Donald Balser step up into Master and Senior Warden, respectively.   Our regular communication will consist of a business meeting but no degree work, so take due notice thereof.


There are many events across the Ninth District starting in June and running throughout the summer.  Check out the official district Facebook page ( for more information.  While the lodges are dark, there will still be ample opportunity to enjoy fraternal communion.  I encourage you to take advantage of that opportunity.


By the end of this year we will have raised 9 new Master Masons and although the degree work was interesting in the East at times, I would propose that we were able to provide our new brothers with superior ritual.  We also provided many services and monetary support to our community at large.  I would like to thank the officers for their efforts this year as well as the brethren on the sidelines for showing consistent support.


Thank you very much for a successful and enjoyable first year as Master.


Cordially and Fraternally,

Wor. Damian A. Johnson