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Tuesday Evening, September 17, 2019
Regular Communication

6:00 PM OPENING OF THE LODGE (First Degree)
Entered Apprentice Degree First Section, for the benefit of our new Brothers

7:00 PM DINNER – Steak alternative Chicken $15.00
Reservations are Required by Friday Sept. 13th.
Please call 781-631-8050, to make your reservation or email at

8:00 PM Entered Apprentice Degree Second Section

Philanthropic Members Celebrating their 5 Year Anniversary in 2020. Will be presented their pins after Dinner in the Lodge.


Receive reports of Treasurer’s & Secretary and various committees
Receive petitions for the Degrees and Affiliation
Receive communications and letters
Transact other business as may properly come before the Lodge
Ballot on Applications and Affiliations
Ballot for Degree:
None at this time

Fraternal Remembrance

Note: As with all Masonic meetings, the appropriate dress is jacket and tie for members

Greetings Brethren,

The dog Days of Summer are finally coming to an end and that means we can come
out of the Darkness. I am excited to get back to work. My first year of Master has truly been
most enjoyable and I am looking forward to the final year.
You may notice some changes in the kitchen. Due to health issues, David Martin has had to
retire from his role of " Master of the Downstairs”. Louise Moore of Every Little Breeze Catering will be assuming his position. I would like to personally thank David for his service to the Lodge.
We will be entering 2 candidates this month. Please make every effort to welcome them by
attending on September 17th. It is always more impressive to receive light and see the sidelines

Cordially and Fraternally,

Wor. Dana Lemieux